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  1. How to "remove" pain in the knee joint?
  2. Exercise One - The Pendulum Method
  3. Exercise two - circular movements of the knee
  4. Severe pain in the knee joint. What to do?

Your knee joint hurts. What to do? To tolerate severe pain and further or cure and forget about the pain? But the means for this is.

Severe pain in the knee joint caused by arthritis causes a lot of trouble, not only when walking, but also at rest. The patient is irritated, agitated, complains of insomnia, weakness, weakness.

How to relieve suffering? There are ways to reduce pain. Depending on the disease - arthritis, arthrosis or cartilage trauma use different methods of treatment of the knee joint.

How to "remove" pain in the knee joint?

How to move from the acute stage of the disease to the stage of remission and to complete recovery?

It is possible to “relieve” the pain caused by arthritis or arthrosis, or to reduce the level of pain by a single movement of a magic wand, if there is a magic wand. If not, stock up on patience and use a complex consisting of just two exercises.

Exercise One - The Pendulum Method

The pendulum method is used, in particular, in the treatment of arthritis and arthrosis. The essence of the method is to improve the blood flow around the knee joint due to the light oscillatory movements. This will improve its nutrition and drainage of toxins and slags.

Description of the exercise Description of the exercise. The upper point of the pendulum is fixed. You will have a knee. Another point - the opposite, in this case - the foot, makes small (!!!) oscillatory movements.

"Pendulum" - your foot from the knee to the foot - you need to "hang out" to remove the load from the knee. To do this, it is enough to sit on the table top or on another flat object whose height would be greater than the distance from your knee to the foot.

Movement "pendulum" should be minimal in amplitude (3 - 5 centimeters). For the duration - 10 minutes. By frequency - every hour. That is, every hour for 10 minutes you pay attention to your sick knee.

A little relief you will feel from the first day of class. In the future, you need to develop success. Everything will depend on you.

The duration of the “pendulum” exercise is several weeks if you have the initial stage of the disease, and several months if your disease is of a second or greater degree. Need to navigate according to your well-being and the results of the survey.

Exercise two - circular movements of the knee

Schematically, the actions of the student are depicted in the figure. The work involves the majority of the joints of both legs. Due to the stretching and contraction of muscles and ligaments as well as in the previous exercise, an improvement in the tone of the vessels of both limbs is achieved.

As a result, they gradually restore the food coming through the arteries, and the outflow through the veins. The tension in the tissues is relieved, the pain syndrome decreases. A detailed description can be found in the article entitled " Exercise for leg joints ".

In parallel with the implementation of these two exercises, you must observe a specially established diet. This is a conscious way of filtering what enters the body and, in particular, into your diseased joint.

With a diet you can not impoverish the body, refusing certain products. It is necessary to actively replace animal proteins with vegetable proteins.

Give the joint what it needs for its normal operation. Recommendations on diet you will find in the article " Diet for arthritis and arthrosis ".

If arthritic pains periodically pursue you, then the whole body needs to be healed. Best of all, the task recognized by the doctor of medical sciences and professor recognized in the West will help you with this task. Bubnovsky Sergey Mikhailovich . You can learn about it by clicking on the link above.

In order to get effective help in such an important matter for you as the restoration of your health, no matter how unusual it is for someone, you need to begin treatment with God, prayers .

First you need to read the prayer "Our Father". You will find the text in the article "Effective prayers for daily reading."

Severe pain in the knee joint. What to do?

In case of arthritis, arthrosis, gout, in order to quickly relieve severe pain in the knee joint in the home medicine cabinet, it is enough to hold again (by analogy with exercises) only two medicines - dimexide and ketonal In case of arthritis, arthrosis, gout, in order to quickly relieve severe pain in the knee joint in the home medicine cabinet, it is enough to hold again (by analogy with exercises) only two medicines - dimexide and ketonal. They act quickly and efficiently. How to use them is described in the article " Removal of acute pain ".

For the same purpose, an effective drug Harpago gel (manufactured by Arkofarm - France) is used for arthrosis. Read more in the article. "How to remove pain in a joint?"

Apparently, the following advice will be useful for those who play sports. If a piece of cartilage has come off in the knee joint, a person may also experience very severe pain. What to do in this case? Manual therapist Gitt Vitaly Demjanovich advises first of all to calm down and in no case show heroism, overcoming pain.

Then, if possible, relieve the knee joint. To do this, sit on a chair, but do not squat. To stop the pain, leaning on the toe and slightly shaking the leg, very carefully bend the leg up and down, thereby expanding the joint space.

After a few minutes, the pain itself goes away. Read more about this and other exercises. Dr. Gitta on the restoration of joints can be found by clicking on the link.

For severe pain associated with inflammation of the joint, it is recommended to apply herbal treatments that have anti-inflammatory ( cowberry wheatgrass horsetail , dog rose), diuretic ( elder black , chamomile, wild rose), sedative (chamomile, marsh sabelnik) and anesthetic (nettle, peppermint, chilli pepper) action.

In the future it is advisable to use infusions and decoctions of herbs, normalizing metabolism. For example, milk thistle.

About the methods of application of the above herbs can be read by clicking on the links, as well as in the category " Arthritis - herbal treatment ".