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  1. How to become more courageous?
  2. How to raise the level of testosterone?
  3. Overweight is the enemy of masculinity and potency
  4. Fasting and exercise have a positive effect on testosterone.
  5. Zinc to maintain testosterone levels
  6. Strength training raises testosterone levels
  7. D Vitamin useful for men
  8. Calm - a sign of masculinity
  9. Sugar - the enemy of masculinity and slimness
  10. Beer - a source of female hormones
  11. How to become a man?
  12. Healthy fats for men
  13. BCAA amino acids for men
  14. What products contain VSAA useful for men?

Today we will talk about how to become a real man, which every real woman dreams of

Today we will talk about how to become a real man, which every real woman dreams of. And in general about what makes a man a man, which makes him more courageous, confident and capable of great victories. This will be a certain life hacking of self-development of personal qualities for men, because instead of expensive training on self-confidence and excellent style, today we will break the laws of nature and the success of the most courageous people of our time. .

Mainly for the "masculinity" in the human body is responsible for the main male hormone "testosterone". What is testosterone, you, I think you know very well, and today you will learn about how to properly improve its level in your body.

How to become more courageous?

And if you decide to become more courageous both externally and internally, then the most natural way is to increase the level of testosterone, since a high level of this hormone allows others to determine whether you can “rub the male” or just a male face, but without pronounced male signs

It is testosterone that creates courageous appearance , behavior, and even helps to form the volitional qualities of character, developed steel muscles, provides confidence in oneself and one’s actions, gives decisiveness in actions.

He gives the speed and sharpness of thinking in a variety of situations, as well as what is called male brutality, and to which the female gender unmistakably responds: from girls with pigtails to mature and successful ladies. Why it is so effective and so hypnotic affects women, we will talk separately, but this is a scientific and psychological fact.

In this case, not all men are aware of the secret of real masculinity, although boys think about how to become a real man very early. Admit it, because most likely you yourself at school dreamed of becoming a macho, the same as your favorite movie characters.

But problems with testosterone, as well as masculinity, are not only among adolescents, because after 30 years the amount of testosterone in men begins to decrease . Both men and women know perfectly well what this leads to. Unfortunately, this is a given, and for millions of years that the human race exists, it was not possible to change it.

How to raise the level of testosterone?

When a man comes up with the question of how to counter the decline in testosterone levels, all sorts of medication methods come to mind first. We do not recommend to be treated on the Internet and look for information, "what to drink from medicines for testosterone" at your own risk.

Remember, any non-professional experiments with health, especially with hormones, especially with testosterone, are very dangerous and can lead to deplorable results without specialist control . At best, your amateur performance will lead to the fact that testosterone will not succeed, and the dream of becoming a brutal macho will remain a dream.

And at worst, you can just get to the hospital and get a chronic pathology for the rest of your life, as will be discussed below. So, if the problem is disturbing - set aside time and, without delaying later, go to a specialist with a solid male step.

It is well known that male health troubles, which have consequences in the form of failure of the opposite sex due to low testosterone levels, are easier to prevent than to cure, therefore, before the outbreak of thunder, pay attention to preventive measures.

Those measures that I propose are natural, simple, act softly and safely, but quite effectively and are able to make a real “male” out of almost any “hlyupika .” There are not so many of them, only ten, but in the future they may become your sacred tablets and iron commandments of “courage”, “sexuality” and men's health.

Overweight is the enemy of masculinity and potency

I hope it is not a secret to you that full men are the main contingent of the doctor-andrologist. Because overweight is a major factor in increasing estrogen . Do you need an excess of this female hormone? In my opinion, if you yourself noticed that you lack masculinity, the answer is obvious.

Not only is estrogen an antagonist (lowers) testosterone, it also provokes the development of cancer and metabolic diseases . Fat women, by the way, suffer from an excess of estrogen no less, but it's not about that.

So, your first step is to arm yourself with a calculator and start calculating the caloric content of what you eat. Limit the sweet and flour, take control of your love for beer, make a habit of daily light jogging, and after a month or two you will say goodbye to your non-sexy tummy, you will feel the ease and improvement of the general state.

Yes, it is not easy, but you are a man, it means that your will and mind work wonders, right?

Fasting and exercise have a positive effect on testosterone.

Many men know that even a short daily fast - from breakfast to breakfast is extremely useful for testosterone growth. The hormonal system during fasting is activated when the gastrointestinal tract is resting, and you often see it yourself in the morning.

Just keep the measure! Daily starvation (the benefits of which are detailed they have already written separately) on the water once a week or at least once every ten days will be enough. Long refusal of food - this is a completely different, separate and much more complex topic, today we will not disclose it.

After you get rid of the suffocating excess fat and increase the overall endurance of the body, go on to more serious sports. For starters, you can use this scheme:

  • Thorough three-minute warm-up (mandatory item).
  • Extremely hard and intense pace at the approach of 30 seconds to failure.
  • Rest for 90 seconds.
  • Repeat 2 and 3 points seven times.

Such training fits into 20 minutes, where only four minutes are given to intensive loads. Yes, just four out of twenty minutes.

But if you can adhere to such a training pattern regularly and occasionally give the body a break from digesting food, the effect of a combination of loads and unloading in the diet will appear in a week. It is guaranteed for all activities, whether it is a barbell, exercise equipment, dumbbells, swimming or cross-country.

It does not matter if you give preference to anaerobic or measured exercise, the effect of them will be equally useful for testosterone levels. Talk to your trainer and doctor if you should add a protein shake to your diet after each workout to raise your testosterone levels and prevent them from falling.

Zinc to maintain testosterone levels

Zinc is a major trace element that affects the growth of testosterone and maintain it at an optimal level . Check if zinc is getting enough in your body. Zinc is found in protein (meat, fish, dairy and dairy) foods and some vegetables ( beans, zucchini , watermelon and pumpkin seeds, and the most useful germinated wheat germ ).

The rate of use of zinc - from 11 to 25 mg per day. Bear in mind that a lot of zinc is released with sweat, and since you are already actively involved in sports, be sure to check with a specialist how much zinc you need. It may be worthwhile to include more foods containing zinc or special vitamins in your diet.

Strength training raises testosterone levels

Increasing the level of testosterone can not only intense short workouts, but also strength.

The basic principle of strength sports activities to raise testosterone: fewer repetitions, more weight, more basic bodybuilding exercises (listing them here ). For these classes requires thorough preparation and practice, so do not hurry to spin pancakes on the bar.

The second option, which gives the desired effect with less weight, is either slowing down the negative phase of the exercise (this is when the bar goes back after lifting) or slowing down the entire exercise.

D Vitamin useful for men

There are opinions that vitamin D is a vitamin of masculinity and also has a positive effect on testosterone levels. It is produced in the skin under the influence of sunlight, and its rate for an adult man is about 600 IU (Microdeterms). There is it in food, but, however, the effect of ordinary sunbathing may be noticeable.

Try at least twice a week to be in the sun with open limbs . If you are light-skinned, you will need 5 minutes at a time for this. Some problems with the production of vitamin D may occur in elderly and black men, in which case they will come to the aid of supplements and proper nutrition.

Calm - a sign of masculinity

The second worst enemy of testosterone is stress. You know perfectly well that when things are not glued, then thoughts about sex fade into the background. The fact is that stress provokes the production of cortisol, which is also not friendly with testosterone, as well as estrogen already known to you.

Yes, it turns out that iron calm and self-confidence is really a sign of masculinity, but, unfortunately, our life is full of stresses, you can’t hide from them with all the desire. But the stress is justice.

Excellent relieve from stress and self-doubt (and women feel per kilometer) yoga and meditation, and in addition to the soothing effect, yoga perfectly affects the figure, burning fat and making the muscles long and beautiful.

Much has been written about the benefits of this ancient practice for the mind and body, and its general strengthening effect for businessmen and future machoes is beyond doubt, but consulting with an instructor will not hurt: perhaps some asanas are not recommended to you.

Sugar - the enemy of masculinity and slimness

The fact that the abuse of sweet leads to obesity, everyone knows. The fact that obesity causes a decrease in testosterone is also not a secret. The jokes with insulin, a hormone that breaks down carbohydrates, are very bad - a lot has already been said about the dangers of fretting hormones.

You do not need to "prick" without the permission of the doctor. Think better about how many spoons of sugar do you put in your coffee or tea? How many cups a day do you drink? Apart from favorite soda, macaroons, pizza and light snack cookies.

Think about the fact that only along with tea and coffee in your body for the year receives about 45 pounds of sugar. An impressive figure, right?

And this is only part of the food “for housewives,” which you probably use.

Beer - a source of female hormones

In addition, you should know that one of the main sources of female hormones in men is beer . The abuse of this wonderful drink will make you as close as possible to a housewife with a big belly, small ambitions and a desire to stay at home and watch TV all day. But you do not want to be like a half-vegetable?

To do this, take control of your food and limit yourself to food "for girls", do not eat cake every day, especially before bedtime, like an unrestrained fat woman, try to eat less food for the poor and unlucky from McDonalds and beer.

How to become a man?

To become a man with a capital letter, do not rash 6 tablespoons of sugar in tea, like a peasant growing rice in Japan, better than the emperor, drink the best green tea, enjoying its delicate taste and exquisite aroma.

Turn your attention to green tea instead of beer, think about the fact that in the countries of the East, where they constantly drink green tea, and have never heard of beer, most men are slim, fit, sexually active, they have no problems with testosterone, and they invented the Kama Sutra.

Do not abuse the wine and other alcoholic beverages, sometimes you can afford a good wine or other drink, while naturally preserving the face, control of the situation and full awareness. In other words, try not to let go of all your previous works on increasing the level of testosterone, masculinity and social status.

Healthy fats for men

Fat is fat, and if an excess of cholesterol in the body unhealthy for a man breeds diseases and disorders, then useful saturated and polyunsaturated fats are necessary for normal metabolism and for the growth of testosterone.

To maintain an optimal level of testosterone in the diet, the balance of omega-3 and omega-6 should be observed, and the total fat content should be at least 40%. Pay attention to fish oil, nuts, avocados, seeds, as well as healthy oils (corn, soybean, coconut, grape seed, cottonseed, olive, sunflower).

BCAA amino acids for men

If you still decided to go to the gym to swing, then with active physical exertion, in addition to proteinaceous cocktails, it will be useful for you to add a certain amount of amino acids for men “BCAA” to the diet, directly supplying energy to the muscles.

In scientific terms, these are amino acids with side chains (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). The body does not produce BCAAs, and therefore they need to be obtained from food - natural products or sports nutrition.

How they work in practice has recently been clarified in experiments involving several groups of power athletes. Each group used a separate diet. The first group received with food few calories and little protein, the second - few calories and a lot of protein, the third - few calories and BCAA. Weight loss was greatest in the latter group, and it was mostly subcutaneous fat in the hips and the press. Q.E.D.

What products contain VSAA useful for men?

What foods contain BCAAs? Chicken, eggs, pork tenderloin, liver, milk, cottage cheese, fish and seafood, mushrooms, unpolished rice, amaranth, almonds, cashews, chickpeas, legumes, grains, nuts, peanuts, bananas, dried dates, rye, oats, soybeans, sesame , beans, lentils.

Therefore, athletes, among whom there are mostly the most courageous men, should not be neglected, and high-quality sports nutrition, in which the BCAA are contained in its pure form, without impurities. Only with the observance of dosage and preferably after consultation with a specialist.

I hope, having read this article to the end, you have understood how to raise testosterone, what contributes to its growth and how to reach the level of a self-confident real man, which makes most women crazy with his own photo.

At the same time, using simple, one might say, “folk” means, to prevent testosterone levels from falling, to realize that it is not always necessary to undergo tons of male training for character development and charisma, and sometimes just a banal high level of this hormone will help you become a real brutal macho, and with benefit for your business, confidence and health that I strongly advise and wish you. But of course, without knowledge, it is also impossible to become a truly successful person, therefore I advise you to become familiar with it. how to become wise , happy , healthy , the rich , how to succeed , how to become a leader or even holy .

How to become more courageous?
How to raise the level of testosterone?
How to become more courageous?
How to raise the level of testosterone?
Do you need an excess of this female hormone?
Yes, it is not easy, but you are a man, it means that your will and mind work wonders, right?
Think better about how many spoons of sugar do you put in your coffee or tea?
How many cups a day do you drink?
An impressive figure, right?
But you do not want to be like a half-vegetable?