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  1. Possible removal methods
  2. How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki in the tablet through a browser
  3. Delete the page in Odnoklassniki on the tablet: option with the application
  4. Delete your page from classmates detailed description
  5. Right to delete
  6. Mobile version of the site
  7. Application for Android
  8. App for iPhone

To delete a page in Odnoklassniki from a tablet, you must use our step by step instructions , it can be done as quickly and simply as when deleting from a smartphone.

Possible removal methods

There are only two ways that allows you to erase the profile through mobile devices:

  • removal via mobile version social network OK;
  • deletion using the Play Market installed or App Store applications.

Erwin is 76 years old and a real power guy. Being a senior partner of a metalworking company, a vital person still rises every day at 5 o'clock and succeeds with the early change of his company. And this, although his son has been running the business for many years. He simply could not let go, especially since his wife died of cancer. Instead of bereavement, he drowned his grief at work, recalls Ingrid Kreutzer, CEO of the “Ordinary Way” partner institute or a stubborn case. “I was really surprised that someone like him who was so involved wanted to have time for a new relationship.”

Consider all the options in order.

And more about that, you can find out in the next section of our portal.

How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki in the tablet through a browser

To do this, use our step-by-step description of the action algorithm:

  • go to any browser from the phone, enter in the address bar;

ru in the address bar;

Hooker is a little surprised today. But Erwin explained that he understands that his strength is diminishing and that his son is "well kept in the store." He wants to retreat piecemeal and is looking for a partner who is taking a lot with him and traveling a lot. And he was quite pessimistic, ”Kreyzer recalls. He did not believe that we could find a wife for him in a short time and were ready to wait at least a year. He also admitted that he was very selective. At first, he seemed right, Kreutzer recalls.

Erwin categorically refused the first two presentations of partners, did not even want to meet with the ladies to form an opinion. There is still a lot for us, Kruzer thought, adding two more partner profiles to the envelope. But it should be different. The cruiser could hardly believe it when Erwin called the next day and said that he would meet with one of the two ladies, Hannelore. Of all the people, Hannelore, who applied for a job after 6 unsuccessful presentations of partners, Kreuzer asks. When a few days later both of them also received a message of success, Kreutzer was really surprised: I would never have thought that they would find each other in such a short time.

  • scroll through to the end and click on the link “Refuse services”;

scroll through to the end and click on the link “Refuse services”;

  • Fill out the rejection form and confirm the deletion.

Fill out the rejection form and confirm the deletion

Holger divorced a few months ago when he became a client of the Common Way in Hofheim. To live alone alone, for him there was no question. Thus, Holger received within a few weeks three ideas from partners, which in fact go well with his profile. All of them were adventurous, sports and traveling. And they all had their work in a good position, it was very important for Holger, ”Kreuser recalls. But Holger rejected them all - the chemistry simply did not vote. “These are things that we do not influence: if all the actual properties are suitable, but the chemistry is wrong, then we are powerless — either the spark bounces off, or not!”, Says Kreutzer.

Delete the page in Odnoklassniki on the tablet: option with the application

The second method is almost identical to the previous one:

  • it’s impossible to get through the full site through the application, so go to the full-featured OK site in the browser;

it’s impossible to get through the full site through the application, so go to the full-featured OK site in the browser;

Holger finally introduced Simone as the fourth. It was really an idea with obstacles. Since Holger was unable to open email , we had to send him a partner presentation by mail. Meanwhile, self-confident Simone had already picked up the phone and called Holger. “Usually a man should make the first contact,” said Kreuser. But Simone’s thrown approach impressed him, and she also liked her voice. From the very beginning they were sympathetic.

The picture suffered greatly and is not so important. That shows that it is impossible to distract on performances, - Kreutser summarizes. 65-year-old Lewis K. has been widowed for five years. Her husband succumbed early to the state of his heart, and initially Louise no longer wanted a partner. But after many years of being lonely, it became increasingly difficult, especially on holidays such as Christmas. Finally, she made a dash and began reading advertisements in her daily newspaper. Maybe someone was there to fit into it. "And so Louise finally became our client," said Ingrid Kreuzer, managing director of the Common Path dating agency.

  • then again visit the section "Regulations";
  • scroll down, select the link "Refuse services";
  • from the general list of reasons, choose the one that corresponds to your desire to leave the social network;
  • enter your account password below;
  • confirm the deletion.

These methods are suitable for any tablets and smartphones on which you can connect to the Internet and have a built-in browser. On regular phone (not even sensory) to perform these operations is not possible. Also, through mobile utilities, you can set up privacy and close the profile using the paid feature. All the details in the relevant articles of our portal.

Louise had a clear idea of ​​what her future partner should be - not even so much the “image” of her dead husband. The “new” should have good qualities that she also knows from other people - gentle, reliable, loyal, honest and caring. He should also be interested in the cultural plan and love to travel. "We introduced Louise to five different gentlemen and, admittedly, were a bit desperate because they didn’t always correspond - either from outside or from our side."

Delete your page from classmates detailed description

But the reaction of Louise K. after the first meeting blew me away - both were former classmates . They understood each other well, like children and teenagers, and spent a lot of time without anything between them. Now, at retirement age, we want to try it together, - quotes Kraiser, to whom a letter came that Louise wrote to her. The reason for this is that the dating agency wants to avoid this - unlike national companies - applicants have to travel for a long time to purchase. “We want to unite people” who live as close as possible to each other.

In such ways you can leave Odnoklassniki via tablet. To from this social network, use step by step guide from the next section of the site.

How to delete a page in the tablet?

Sometimes there are situations when you want to delete a personal profile in classmates. And it is not always possible to do this with the use of a personal computer. In this regard, users often ask the question: how to delete a page in classmates from a phone or tablet?

No one should leave their environment, their relatives, friends and acquaintances to be able to be with a new partner. Describes the owner of the "Common Path" Ingrid Kreuzer, an important intermediary criterion. Due to a small mistake some time ago there was mediation that was not planned and nevertheless led to success. A secret writer could not write a better script, ”Kreuzer recalls. On a warm summer day, passing in the office convinced that some of the file cabinets that had already been dismantled for the show fell apart.

Right to delete

So unexpectedly, the file of Katharina lay next to the list of offers for Wilhelm, who was not intended. And the employee, of course, in his actions, unexpectedly offered Wilhelm from the Frankfurt region Katharina from the region around Heilbronn back. “It's about 150 km - the easy way!” So, Kreuzer. But the best that Wilhelm put on the phone over the phone, after the mistake was finally noticed after two weeks. “Since both of them knew each other from the phone well, they were curious that they had met, despite the long distance,” joins the broker partner Kreutzer. “Well, and then it really caused,” she sums up.

Attention! Within 90 days from the date of deletion, the user will be able to restore his account.

While the page is deleted, the owner will not be able to communicate with other users, listen to music, watch videos, leave comments. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully before deleting a profile.

Mobile version of the site

Before proceeding with the deletion of an account, be sure to make sure that the smartphone is connected to the Internet and a browser is installed on it. To permanently remove a page through mobile browser need to do the following:

Within two years, Katharina and Wilhelm have a successful relationship over long distances - a reduction in the coming months is no longer excluded. Only height is not critical. And only in the rarest cases do they exactly correspond to the ideas of our clients. This was followed by two or three sentences from men who, in terms of height, met Annette’s desired testament. After meeting each other, it quickly became apparent that otherwise they would not have been suitable for each other, Annette’s disappointed conclusion. “It was despair,” Kreuzer recalls.

  • Download Internet Browser.
  • In the address bar, type "" or select a site from bookmarks, if it was previously saved there. Will open mobile version social network.

Attention! The proposal to install the application on your smartphone can be safely ignored. Now it's no good.

  • Enter in the authorization form login and password. You do not need to save them.
  • After it loads personal page , you need to click on the OK button to open the menu.
  • From the list, select the item "Go to the full version of the site."

After work, she went back through the files step by step, and suddenly she kept Walter's file in the mid-50s, whose characteristics and interests exactly corresponded to Annette's ideas, except for his height. 72 cm it was exactly the same size. With a guilty conscience, she then sent the information about Walter to Anette, and Anette was initially very annoyed.

Krützer says: "They are a couple until today." When Wilhelm called me, we quickly realized on the phone that we had something to talk about. We talked for a long time, and then organized a meeting for the next weekend. It was a fun evening, and we then agreed to go camping the next day. It was a wonderful day, and since then we meet regularly. Finally, bright spots appear in our life again.

Go to the "Regulations" (located at the bottom of the web page).

Go to the Regulations (located at the bottom of the web page)

A list of social network usage rules will be displayed. At the end there will be a link “Refuse from services”. This means deleting an account.

This means deleting an account

To confirm the action you will need to enter a password.

Application for Android

Delete a profile in classmates from the phone, using an application for Android, is quite problematic. This possibility is not taken into account by the creators. Removal will have to be done as described above.

However, in the software it is possible to restrict access to your profile. This will require:

  • Download the application through the Play Market.
  • Sign in.
  • Go to settings by clicking on the site's label in the upper left corner.

Go to settings by clicking on the site's label in the upper left corner

Select "Close Profile".

Select Close Profile

App for iPhone

As in the previous case, deleting an account using the Odnoklassniki mobile software from the iPhone is impossible. But configurations allow you to close a profile or set access preferences. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to settings by clicking on the “OK” icon at the top of the page.
  • Select “Profile Settings”, then “General”.
  • In the menu that opens, click on the “Privacy Settings” or “Publicity Settings”.
  • Perform the necessary action.

If you want to completely remove your account in classmates, you should think again. After these actions, you may lose contact with many users, personal photos and notes will be lost. The user will no longer have access to the social network.

How to delete a page in the tablet?
In this regard, users often ask the question: how to delete a page in classmates from a phone or tablet?